Follow Your Heart

The problem with humanity nowadays is that people think they can be happy by observing what makes other people happy. They think they can be spiritual by observing how other people be spiritual. They think they can fall in love by observing how other relationships work. They think they can be successful watching how other people rise to success.

This is all wrong. There is no universal set of rules that we all have to follow. There is nothing, as a human race, we know for sure. All we can really know for sure is what we feel inside of us. We are all different and we all work in different ways! If you want to be happy, spiritual, in love, successful, you can't go chasing it. Everything lies inside of you. We are all on individual paths; and what lies inside the person next to you is completely unique, and different from what lies inside of you.

The reason I am saying such a thing is simply because I'm in a transition part of my life. People are saying "Well you will do this, and that. And this is how things are, etc." They act like some things are inevitable, and because they experience something in life - it's bound to happen to me. I don't believe in that. I don't believe in following trends. Follow your heart, right?

I am spiritual, I am religious. Why? I believe in God. I have faith. But if a preacher, a book, a poet, yahoo answers, a friend, or whoever else tells me something about their spiritual beliefs, what am I supposed to do? Believe in it because they do? No. Our realities are all different. Everyone of all humanity is our brothers and sisters yet everyone is unique and has a different purpose. Not one fingerprint is alike. Not one soul is alike.

Just make sure you follow your heart. Because that is truly God's will.

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