"I was enchanted to meet you."

If there was even a word for how I'm feeling right now it would be enchanted. Life just threw things at me that I never thought were possible. I'm feeling feelings I thought were only used for literature purposes. I cannot even think of a reason for anything, I cannot justify my feelings and I'm completely okay with that. Absolute enchantement. New experiences and new people are coming into my life and I feel so blessed. I've been trapped in emotional solitude for so long. I have great things in my life, I always have: but it's always been the same old thing. Finally I get to free myself and showcase myself to the world. It feels lovely. I am enchanted to meet you, I am grateful you graced your presence in my life, I am happy to have everyone in my life that is currently in it. I am happy I get to be me.

Ethereal Interviews: JULY 2013 x MEGAN FAY

Megan Fay shot by
Bryant Eslava
                  I am very happy to announce my new blog     series: Ethereal Interviews. I will be interviewing individuals who I consider to be genuine individuals: artistic, optimistic, inspiring and true to themselves. The point of these interviews is to see how beautiful, true individuals see the world differently...and how immaculately beautiful that really is. I was lucky enough to interview American Apparel model Megan Fay for the first interview, she was absolutely lovely to interview. Megan is a fun loving girl who you can just talk to for a minute and instantly become happy. She radiates love and happiness everywhere she goes.    Here is her contact information:
           tumblr: meganfayy.tumblr.com
           twitter & instagram: meganfayy

How did you become an American Apparel model? 
 - I worked at an American Apparel near my house when I was 15. One day when I was at work someone who worked at the factory happened to come into our store and asked if I’d come in for a test shoot. I went to the test and have been going weekly ever since! 

Other than modeling, what are some of your passions?  

-I like to eat, read, be with friends, go to the beach, and relax. I also sing and play guitar, ukulele, and piano. But, more than anything, I love to work with kids. I’ve been volunteering for a mentoring and tutoring program for kids during the school year and working at a camp for children with special needs over the summer (plus frequent babysitting).   

I noticed from some of your personal photos, you are hilarious, confident, and you really know how to live in the moment. Your smile inspires other smiles. How do you live in the moment free from anxiety or sadness? 

-I actually have terrible anxiety! But I work really hard to not let it take over my life. I focus on surrounding myself with people who make me happy and doing things that make me feel good. I have moments every day where I get super anxious but I just talk about how I’m feeling with a friend or my parents and make myself realize that there is no need to get worked up. It’s really helpful to take long deep breaths! All in all I’d say (in my opinion) the most important thing you can do in order to be the happiest you can be is realize that this is your life. You live it once. You deserve happiness and laughter and company. I don’t want to look back in 10 years and realize I wasted it all on feeling anxious.   

You get compliments about your appearance all the time. After a while, they get repetitive. What is the best compliment you ever received about your inner self? 

Megan Fay
(c) American Apparel
-I don’t think anyone can get tired of being complimented, hahaAnd I honestly only get complimented that much on tumblr and instagram, it’s very rare that someone compliments me in person! But the best compliments I receive are the ones from people (mostly anonymous) on tumblr saying that I’ve helped them in some way or made a difference in their life. I get messages from people recovering from eating disorders saying how I’ve made them realize they don’t have to starve or hurt themselves to be beautiful. I save all of those messages, they mean the world to me. 

What is your opinion on nudity in the modeling industry: should it be embraced and celebrated, or do you think it should be sacred and taken down a bit?  

-I think people should do whatever makes them happy as long as it’s not hurting someone. If someone is comfortable being naked and wants to have pictures taken of them, I say go for it! But I think it’s just as acceptable to want to cover up head-to-toe. People have different levels of comfort, there’s no right or wrong to it.  

A wise man once said, "Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart." You are very successful, yet you manage to be fun loving, optimistic and stay true to yourself. Now how do you deal with failure? 

-It honestly amazes me that people think I’m so successful, most people who know me well think I’m pretty lazyHahah. I try not to let myself see things as “failures.” Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned, but that just means you have to do something differently the next time. I’ve come to terms with the fact that there’s no such thing as perfection, so I try not to beat myself up about things I do wrong. If I do badly on a test I usually think to myself: “Well, this sucks, but I’m going to study twice as hard next time.”  

Megan Fay (c) American Apparel
I admire how much you love food and how you are not afraid to show it. Living proof that a girl can eat whatever she wants and have an amazing figure. Why do you think society is so obsessed with body image? 

-Thank you! I love that I inspire people in that way but it also saddens me that people seem so surprised when they find out how much I love to eat. I wish there were more people who weren’t afraid to talk about food. In terms of society as a whole, media obviously has a huge impact on how people feel about themselves and their bodies. Growing up we are bombarded with pictures and videos of “perfect” women and men who are fit, beautiful, and successful. It’s easy to begin associating success with physical beauty.  

Lets dig a bit deeper. Every human has a purpose. What do you believe your purpose on this Earth is? 

-To be honest I don’t actually believe every human has a purpose. I’d like to think more that every human gives themselves a purpose. My goal and chosen purpose in life is to help people. I want to make people happy, and let them know there is someone who cares. 

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. What is one word of advice you would like to offer readers?  

-“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” –Dr. Seuss

Love Everlasting

I love us. I love our love. I love it all. The way I love your musky cologne and the way you love my enchanting perfume. The way you look in color. The exciting look on your face when something good happens to you. The even more exciting look on your face when something good happens to me. The vegetarian burritos and our obsession with black beans and brown rice. The laughter about absolutely nothing while lying in my bed. The memories on Acre Drive. The way you look in your golden chevrolet. The way people perceive us, the way we really are. The love I see in your eyes every time I drown in doubt and the way you always carry me to the shore. The evening movie tickets hiding at the back of our wallets. The joy we get when we see a large buttery popcorn tub in front of us. The monumental window in the small living room, watching us grow for years. The way we eat everything with sriracha. The dreams we have, the ambition we have to achieve those dreams. The way your desk is like a collection of memories, like a collection of your thoughts. The way you notice when I paint my nails or get a new dress. The way you love listening to my stories. The way you loved me through my awkward, chubby phase, and the way I loved you through your awkward, chubby phase. The way you know when I’m napping and the way I know when you’re at work. The way I get annoyed when you never stop singing. The drives all around town, looking for something new. The way you are incredibly patient with me through my anxiety. The places we’ve traveled together. The places we will travel together. The realization that love isn’t always perfect, but in my eyes, our love is. The excessive amount of money we’ve spent on coffee and soft pretzels. The way you understand how I’m always overdramatic. The way we don’t even understand how we got so close. The way you look in glasses and that navy blue polo. The walks through green forests, the transcendentalists inside of us. The deep conversations of the past, the small talk of now, the laughter of then, the silence of later. The way we are always together even when we are apart physically. The peaceful Cleveland autumn evenings, the windy Chicago summer mornings. The way we love similar aesthetics. The way you’re not very smart but you speak of more wisdom than anyone I know. The way we talk in weird accents and voices more than our actual voice and simply cannot get enough of it. The times you surprised me with soup, flowers, and sweaters. The dances we have together, sentimental and silly. The way we would purposely try to make each other jealous in 6th grade. The way we are not high school sweethearts, but elementary school sweethearts. The way we’ve always been so comfortable around each other. The way you bring out the best, hidden parts of me. The way people and things have come and gone out of our life, yet we’ve always been constant. The way your eyes light up when you do something you’re incredibly passionate about. The times we’ve performed on stage together, the times we’ve watched the stage together. The way I wake up every morning with hope because I know I’ll get to see you. The nightly phone calls. The way we found ourselves within each other. The way we both act like shy schoolgirls around each other. The Seinfeld moments. The poems you wrote for me, the poems I wrote for you. The times you tried to be romantic but accidentally adorably messed up. The way you hate when I wear lipstick because you can’t kiss me without wearing lipstick as well. The way I can’t remember how my life was before you. The way we are always thinking of each other in everything we do, the way everything reminds us of one another. The nights in watching television. The way we walk towards each other in a hallway full of people, but see only each other, smiling uncontrollably. The way we love taking photographs of our life. The way we crave Paris but didn’t learn much in French class. The sense of independence we feel when we go out alone. The wanderlust we feel, the way we want to leave this town. The days we would get away with sleepovers. The way we would feel like we were in our own little world, just us and the dark. The way we’ve instantly gravitated towards each other when we met. The way we were best friends before we dated. The way everyone knew we would end up together like it was destined. The white sheets, the hotel rooms, the subway rides. The way we are always holding hands. The way you are afraid of ducks. The time you got on one knee with a daisy and asked if I would be with you forever. The way we can sit together in silence for hours. The way all I’ve ever wanted was to fall in requited love with you. The way my 11:11 wish came true. The way I knew from the moment I met you: I am nothing without you. The way time means nothing to us, even after seven years. The way we know our love is ethereal, celestial, divine, and for the Creator’s design. The way we are like two flames burning as one. The way we know we are the lucky ones. The way I sense eternity in your eyes, the way you sense eternity in my eyes. The way we mirror each other, the way we are two individuals existing as one. The way we never believed in anything until we met each other. The fact that I love you, you love me, and it will always be that way for eternity. Immaculately beautiful, breathtaking, and full of infinite love. At last.

Tropical Immunity Smoothie!

Do you have a case of "summertime sickness?" No problem! My tropical immunity smoothie will do the trick. With vitamin C, turmeric, citrus, and the taste of paradise...you simply can't go wrong. This smoothie will raise your mood, eliminate your stress, and enhance your energy. If you find yourself having a headache, cold, or unexplainable symptom: try this smoothie! What are you waiting for?

What you will need:
2 cups orange juice
1 and 1/2 cups pineapple
1/2 cup carrots
2/3 banana
1 tsp turmeric
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp flax seeds
1 lemon wedge (squirt, do not blend)

This should serve 2 people. Enjoy sweethearts ♡