dance with me forever;

; the seagulls kiss the sky
the ocean kisses the shore
and the moon kisses the sun
the flowers bloom and they die;
but are reborn every spring.
everlasting spring, plant flowers in my heart;

mahogany bookcases, never-ending flames burning in the fireplace, old paintings hanging from our invisible wall, the morning sun shining from our windowpane; kissing your eyelids so gently
but only I can kiss your soul;

to awaken your senses
and free your mind of all darkness,
this sluggish body does not define you
you are a dictionary with no words
we are a storybook with no end;
I promise thee
the pouring rain kisses your skin roughly but only I can kiss your soul;

the piano whimpers on and on
like teardrops on my face
I feel your heart travel through the stars for me;
my periwinkle dress and pearls speak of those golden smiles we planted on our faces and let grow so gracefully they exploded like a thousand suns;
and the manhattan nights we once had; one and only; forever and always;

if you are the darkness,
I will enlighten you to a bright path
with thousands of green sunflowers
If you are the ocean, I am the shore;
you kiss me, continuously, always coming back
through every tide and every moon;

I'll be seeing you in every dark red curtain in New York;
and I'll be loving you in every Bordeaux cherry ice cream cone;
dancing through each moment - only a heartbeat of eternity;

so dance with me,
dance with me on the clouds,
dance with me in paris,
dance with me on saturn's rings,
dance with me then
dance with me now
and never stop
dance with me forever;

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