Ethereal Interviews: AUGUST 2013 x DULCE RUBY

    Welcome to Ethereal Interviews: August 2013! I am eternally grateful that I got the opportunity to interview Dulce Ruby. I admired her from afar for quite some time, I thought she was very inspirational but it wasn't long until she noticed me too. We became not only friends, but soul sisters. I always wanted to dive into her mind, and I bet you will find this interview very interesting. Dulce Ruby is a visionary, a soul traveler, an iconic soul. Her beauty radiates with her everywhere she goes. She has a book, Golden Mirrors: Enter the Dreamscape coming out. To pledge money towards the fund for the book go : HERE!

What got you interested in modeling?
 -Always one of the toughest questions, as I don't actually remember what exactly interested me - but more so how I fell into modeling. My older sisters were in the industry when I was younger, and I always wanted to do what they were doing. One thing led to another and my former art teacher, mentor, and close friend, landed me a small ad shoot for a boutique (it was in the newspaper, and at 13 years old it was the coolest thing to me). Soon after, I also won an art contest which then led to another shoot... and honestly, from then on shoots were what I grew to know and love - as a form of art in itself - to completely document and capture me as I grew up, and into myself as well. Now more importantly than ever I am aiming to shoot only what represents me as an individual - I have been a lot more selective, as well as have gone out of my way to find talented visionaries to CREATE ART, collaborate with like minds, souls and spirits - it's always a great feeling creating magic with those who have similar visions as yourself - and that's what keeps my interest to this day.

You once said, "I'm really smart, I've disguised my inner Einstein with vanity. The Internet loves vanity." What do you mean by this?
 -Haha, on one of my very rare twitter rants... I do recall that very moment actually. I had just finished meditating and writing for the evening, when it occurred to me that no one (on the digital plane) really knows what I do... besides modeling, the image, the vanity - not many online had really read into me beyond that, or even thought much else existed - with reasoning of course. Until recently, I had believed that the image sells and that more would follow if I just sat there and looked pretty... and it worked, for a very long time - but that was boring! When I tweeted this, I did so in somewhat of a sarcastic manner; I meant this to say that I had hid my brains behind my 'beauty' - the Internet is drawn to what they were taught to like... and quite frankly, as I believe I said soon after, "Vanity, sex & destruction. You eat it all up because you were told that it tastes good." - In all actuality, that may remain true unless WE as a whole decide to see things differently. I'm through disguising, fronting and flat out avoiding the fact that I am an intellectual being... I am a writer, who just happens to model this lifetime around.

You are quite beautiful on the outside, but you have so much depth and infinite beauty inside of you. What exactly does physical appearance mean to you, if anything? Does it have any spiritual significance and should we try to better our appearance?
 -Thank you so much, always appreciate the love for both aspects simultaneously. xx Physical appearance is difficult to give meaning to when the spiritual has become so much more valuable, and real. Truthfully, the physical has become, for me, something very similar to a costume or to be even more specific - a spacesuit. We are not our bodies, we know this, and once taken into consideration - it becomes such a fun challenge to find beautiful souls... or bright lights.  The spiritual is very significant in that it is the most crucial - It's along the lines of intellegence really, where it's nice to have someone beautiful around, but without substance you lose interest... quick. At least for me anyways. Bettering appearance can be viewed on a few different levels, but with Spirit in mind, I believe that if YOU believe you are beautiful, that shines through and you BECOME beautiful yourself. Physical appearance isn't the only ruling factor of beauty, we seem to have forgotten that down the line...

You have a new book, Golden Mirrors, coming out soon. I am very happy to see someone with so much wisdom and light inside of them do this. Can't wait to read! What is it about?
Eeek! So exciting to even read such a question being asked of me... this has been my dream for so long, and now I finally get to share this love of mine, this project, my little masterpiece for the world, with all of you - I am beyond ecstatic! Golden Mirrors ( is actually the portal into my book, Enter the Dreamscape.  The reveal was set for July 7th originally, but because I am a perfectionist I rather hold off a bit more until I see everything as I know it should be - only the best for those who choose to join me on my journey and support, you know? As for Golden Mirrors: Enter the Dreamscape - I have decided to make this as personal as possible, going through self publishing, local printing and raising the funds to do so via Kickstarter with the help of those who have been following me on my journey from the very beginning (and hopefully newcomers who see themselves in me as well). I really wanted to make everyone whom I love feel as though they were a part of this project, because quite frankly - you all are! I seriously would not be where I am today, had it not been for all of the support, love and reassurance the digital plane (the internet/social media/etc) has gifted me over the years. This is somewhat of my gift to anyone who has ever believed in me. The Kickstarter goes LIVE tomorrow, August 8th at 8am - a very special date for me, numerology wise as well as personally. It is a story written primarily through poetic fluency, of self reflections... Life.  It is a coming in and out of awareness, time and time again through dreams and how we only forget when we cease to awaken and create. The story itself was written based on my adventures in the Dreamscape through astral projections, out of body experiences, channelings and lucid dreams I have had throughout my life, and practices from the past couple years in those matters. Golden Mirrors: Enter the Dreamscape, suggests a mentality beyond the norm - one of positivity, and light - which helps one manifest and bring thoughts into fruition through pure intention and belief in ONESELF. 

What do you hope readers will gain from Golden Mirrors: Enter the Dreamscape?
 -My main goal for this book is for readers to come out a bit more open minded, understanding and able to relate to the voice throughout the story - because quite frankly, we are all a part of this book - it is OUR STORY, and I want everyone to feel as though they are being transported there, to that mentality of manifestation. To remember, that we are all a part of something so magical, together - as a whole. I am hoping this will aid in our shift, and create somewhat of a quickening to a better world... as WE ARE the Manifestation Generation.

I often ask people this question, and they never know what to say. It catches people off guard. You are a very enlightened soul, and I am curious to hear what you have to say: What do you believe happens after you die?
 -I believe we reawaken into another life. I have a strong belief in which that 'time' does not exist, and that memories of the past are solely lessons learned from past lives brought into the present moment, now, for us to remember and grow from. With things such as 'death' in our vocabulary, we are limiting our ever limitless light. I believe we are eternal beings, that our Soul is immortal, as we are one - and that we are born time and time again through every passing day, into every life we cross paths with...I actually go into detail on this matter in the book! 

You say you are a dreamer and that you are always dreaming. What do you mean by that?
 -I mean that I am awake in a world asleep. A dreamer, in essence, is one who creates without fear, does without doubt and carries on when told they can not. We are all dreamers, it's just that some have yet to lift the veil of separation, and live in a man made reality as opposed to one SELF MADE. We all have our off days, especially with all of the static (digital distractions, media, negative energy, etc.) trying to disturb our naturally clear frequency - but when I say that I am D|reame|R and that I am Wide awake & Always Dreaming, I say this to remind others that you are in control of your reality, if you would only acknowledge that you are. One must change their mentality in order to alter their reality; it really is that simple, and fun!

What triggered you to become so enlightened and awakened, and how did it change your life?
 -I had always been lucid it seems, I just never really understood that it wasn't normal. I can recall the most minor of details from every dream; I've practiced all of my life and now there is no real differentiation between 'reality' and 'fantasy.'  The trigger itself I believe was at my most darkest of times, right before I left New York and I couldn't even begin to tell you how bad things had gotten in every aspect of life it seemed - and that was the key word: SEEMED.  It 'seemed' as though I would never get out of this darkness, the sulk, the mentality, where everything that was wrong, 'seemed' to be permanent... until one day, I decided I didn't want to feel that way anymore. I wanted to be happy - be ME again - and so I changed the way I was viewing things, got rid of negative energy, left the city to really resurface and cleanse my soul of all the static that had been consuming me - and it changed EVERYTHING.  Now that I look back, I can see that I had been doing very well in all actuality, still manifesting left and right, but I was not happy - when I hit the AHA moment, of knowing and positivity, and changed my perspective - all I began to attract was beautiful. I was happier, felt a million times healthier, energy was overflowing and even my overall appearance had changed - it was as though all I needed then was within me all along - and so I kept it going, reminding my Self - time and time again - to look on the bright side, avoid negative energy, people, places, etc, and love as much as possible. So here I am today, and I couldn't be happier with where life has and is taking me!

Define God. 
 -My definition of God is pretty simple, God (to me) is the source of our light and love. It is a recognition and awareness of a higher source, that is within each of us. We are the creators, forming life from our piece of mind. We are ONE, we are the Universe - and once we choose to wake up, open our eyes, and SEE it as so - well, let me just say things become a lot clearer... 

Every human has a purpose. What do you believe your purpose on this Earth is? 
 -I believe my purpose on this earth is to remind those who have forgotten, to remember. I'd like to share my perspective, motivate and inspire while aiding fellow beings of light in the shift.  I am here to be of service, and my main reason for having volunteered to exist at this present moment is to help hold frequency and raise the vibration. I will soon be embarking on a very special journey; one of service, healing, enlightenment and empowerment - not only for those I will soon cross paths with, but of Self.  I wish to shake those I cross paths with awake, as well as take into action all of that in which I write. We are solely here to experience life, emotion and growth through interactions with reflections of ourselves. I felt that with this book it would be the best way to reach the masses and hopefully have them read, understand, and relate to what it is exactly that I am saying, and how it is I view the world we inhabit. 

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. What is a word of advice you would like to offer readers?
 Thank YOU so much for reaching out to me, I couldn't be more grateful! :)
To the readers, I would like to advise 'always be yourself' - it may seem cliche, but in all honesty it is quite possibly the best advice one can get.  With all of the outside influence attempting to integrate into each of our lives, it can become overwhelming and one can lose themselves quite easily without even knowing it. We each, individually, have something unique to offer the world, and we can remember just what that is by stepping away from the norm and just doing what feels right for ourselves. The POWER we each hold is incredible, and I can only hope to see the day we all Awaken to it.  Remember, remember, remember...