Turmeric: Outer Beauty, Inner Purity

Turmeric originated in India thousands of years ago. It is a spice with endless health benefits. When buying it, you should avoid turmeric supplements, non-organic turmeric, or turmeric with any unnecessary additives. While all sorts of brands work, my favorite is Simply Organic. To make it short and simple, I am going to list the benefits:

  • Improves digestion
  • Improves your immune system
  • Promotes flawless, healthy skin
  • Supports healthy joints and bones
  • Supports healthy blood and liver functions
  • Helps maintain a healthy cholesterol
  • Helps the aging process
  • Fights against cancer
  • Promotes heart health
  • Fights against Alzheimer's and promotes a good memory 
  • 6 times stronger than Vitamin E and C
  • Fights against anxiety and depression
  • Provides antioxidants to keep your cells healthy
  • Helps you live a longer life
  • Good for cleanses and detoxes, cleanses the toxins out of body
  • Promotes healthy nervous system
  • Absorbs vitamins and minerals
  • Supports eye health
  • Helps maintain blood sugar levels and helps with diabetes
  • Helps promote fertility in a female reproduction system
Instead of turning to medication when you feel sick, turmeric seems to do the job. If you have a headache, are feeling stressed out, highly fatigued, etc- make a smoothie with a shot of turmeric. Turmeric can be easily added to any meal. I usually add about a teaspoon to my smoothies and you can barely taste it. It can be added to soup, pasta, stir-fry, really anything! Like I mentioned earlier, it is vital that you get an organic brand. Because if it is not organic, you risk missing out on some health benefits. I wish you all the best, stay healthy!

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