Science as Faith

Guest writer 19 year old Sarah Appel from Wyoming wrote this piece of art. You can contact her at This is called Science as Faith, it contradicts the idea that a scientist/realist cannot be religious or spiritual. Enjoy...

So you’re a scientist. A realist.
There’s a possibility of life out there in the universe, or in the multiverse, and maybe the infinitiverse. You haven’t seen the elementary particles, but you can predict, and calculate that they are in fact there. You collect that data, and mark it as truth, or at least extreme likelihood.
And gravity is still a theory. You don’t know exactly how it works, but you can measure what you feel. This is faith. This is religion. This is belief in something that is not seen, but measured, calculated…felt.

So you’re a scientist…a realist.
There’s a possibility of life out there in the universe, or the multiverse…
But there’s no God. 
not even to you, a scientist,
Who knows the possibility of life out there in the universe,
Who knows how to manipulate the universe (elements) to create plastic, and ice cream, and computers, artificial intelligences.
Wouldn’t you, a scientist, believe that (out of the vastness of space) there might be life out there, much more advanced in intelligence than we?
That maybe, they started with fire too? Maybe they had to invent the wheel too? Maybe they questioned if there was other life out there too? That maybe they built computers too? That maybe they’ve learned enough over time to control time, and space? Maybe their technology is so advanced, that they could have created us, the way we create computers, and robots. But, instead of using metals and plastics, they used the very most fundamental building blocks in the universe… Maybe they’re teaching us to learn as they learned, so we can know as they know.
Maybe God is of this highest intelligence. Maybe God is the ultimate scientist, and maybe we are his beloved students.
You are a scientist…a realist. 
I am a scientist too. I am a realist. I am faithful as you, measuring things I have not seen for myself, because I have felt them. I feel spirit. I feel God. I feel the stars. I feel whole.

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