25 Reasons to Try Vegetarian

"I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals." -Henry David Thoreau

  1. To reduce your risk of cancer
  2. To reduce your risk of diabetes
  3. To prevent global climate change
  4. We don't have to kill to be healthy
  5. Farmed animals are mutilated without painkillers
  6. To reduce your risk of heart disease
  7. Male chicks are ground up alive by the egg industry
  8. Factory farmed animals are denied everything that is natural to them (grass, air, exercise)
  9. To conserve land, water and energy
  10. To prevent deforestation and species extinction 
  11. Every vegetarian spares the life of over 50 animals each year
  12. Fish do feel pain
  13. To keep antibiotics working
  14. Animals are burned and drowned in scalding tanks
  15. Caring for dogs and cats and eating other animals is morally inconsistent
  16. Today's chickens and turkeys have been bred for pain
  17. Animals are defenseless
  18. You wouldn't wanna watch what they do to sick pigs
  19. To prevent water pollution
  20. Factory farmed animals are denied adequate veterinary care
  21. To treat animals as we want to be treated: they deserve a life like we do
  22. Why kill for a living?
  23. To maintain a healthy body weight
  24. The worlds greatest thinkers and humanitarians were vegetarians
  25. To live our values
If you have any questions about these, or want me to go into further detail, you can contact me personally or at ask.fm/pinkchanelsuit!


  1. no no no...
    eating animals is good


    1. I respect your opinion, but everything I listed is actually proven. Thank you for reading though!