I have adored Kate Nash for years. She's a fearless individual. Her music has always been simplistic and cutesy. Yet with her new album, Girl Talk, she changed from her simplistic, cutesy style and went punk indie.

Regardless of what her songs are about, what I've always loved about her is that her songs are so specific and instead of saying some "deep, emotional, poetic" lyric about getting her heartbroken, she says, "And when I saw you kissing that girl / my heart, it shattered and my eyes, they watered, and when I tried to speak I stuttered / and my friends were like whatever, you'll find someone better, his eyes were way too close together, and we never even liked him from the start, and now he's with that tart and I heard she's done some really nasty stuff done in the park with michael / he said she's easy and if your guy's with someone thats sleazy / then he ain't worth your time cause you deserve a real nice guy." It's refreshing, she does that with almost all of her songs and it's so adorable. It shows that music doesn't need to be controversial or have some clever "deep" line in it to be considered art. It shows that we can express our emotions any way we want to.

Her previous albums Made of Bricks and My Best Friend is You were about the simple pleasures and travesties of love and life. They were very pure, with lyrics like, "And my heart skips a beat every time that we meet / it's been a while, and now your smile is almost like a memory / but now you're back and I am fine cause you're with me and I'm in love with you." The songs tended to be about her falling in love with a guy (whether the love is reciprocated or not) and the memories she had with him.

What I loved about Girl Talk was how vast it was. Usually when an artist comes out with an album, a lot of the songs sound very similar. Yet every individual song not only sounded different, but the symbolism behind it was different as well.

The meaning of this album was about finding your true self, true love, feminism, image, identity, and of course girl power. Overall, this album was very empowering. There's pretty much a song for everything on this album. One of my personal favorites is "Lullaby for an Insomniac." She sings it a-cappella and then at the end this old fashioned orchestra music plays. It's perfect for those times you're feeling down and you just want to lay down in the dark and fall asleep forever. Her voice is angelic and soft in this one, its very relaxing and reassuring. 

Then there's songs like "Rap for Rejection" and "Conventional Girl," which are songs to listen to when you are sick of someone thinking they are better than you and you just wanna be yourself and show them what you're made of. Another one of my favorites is "You're So Cool, I'm So Freaky," because she plays acoustic guitar and sings in her soft, british accent which I am a sucker for. It gives me calming vibes, and reminds me of Regina Spektor or The Moldy Peaches.

Basically, I highly recommend this album. Kate Nash is my girl. It's worth a shot! The album is on itunes, but they are also on youtube. CHECK IT OUT. x

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