Performance isn't singing.

Performance isn't singing.

When it comes to theater, I don't care if you have the voice of angel. Emotion is most important. I want to hear the pain or happiness in your voice, I want to hear the different levels. I want to hear the different tones. I want to see the hurt in your face and the love you feel for another character.

Why doesn't anyone realize this? It seems to me even the most professionally talented people disagree. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can sing decent. With vocal training, and learning about music, your voice will improve. Some people are born naturally phenomenal singers and more musically inclined than others, but we can all learn.

When it comes to performance, I don't believe it's something you can just learn. Its a natural instinct. Think about it. There are so many singers out there that do not have a good voice AT ALL. They are talented performers, or have a certain image that keeps them going.

This has been brought to my attention lately. I've been obsessed with Les Mis for a while. I've seen multiple theater productions, read the book, and I've seen the movie several times. And you know what? Every theater performance I've seen of it wasn't ideal. Considering it's all singing, the casting directors seem to cast performers who are SINGERS who learned to ACT, instead of ACTORS that learned to SING. The movie casted ACTORS who learned to SING. This production may be all singing, but it is very, very emotional. The acting has to be amazing.

When I saw the movie, I cried and cried and cried again. I got attached to the characters because I believed them. They came to life, they made me truly feel. The theater performance of Les Mis to me, seemed like people standing around singing. And if I never saw Les Mis before or knew what it was about- I probably would be quite confused.

Samantha Barks was in the movie production AND the theater production. I haven't seen her live, but I've watched her in both. It was amazing how she did so much better in the movie because they focused on acting more. Yet, her voice still sounded so amazing- just with more emotion.

Another statement: Anne Hathaway was the best Fantine in history and I will not argue that. Her voice was amazing and didn't need any improvement. The emotion, the crying, the pain- it was all perfect for the song. In every theater production I've watched, Fantine just stood there singing I Dreamed a Dream, with no emotion in her voice. Not only that, but they made the tempo a lot faster which made the song a lot less touching.

Marius and Cosette in the movie: You saw the love in their eyes and the movements they made. There was so much passion in there voice.
Marius and Cosette in the theater production: Two people staring at each other just singing words. Then they kiss in the less romantic way possible. How believable.

I wrote this because I believe acting isn't as easy as it looks, and to make people attached to your character, to make them laugh, cry, smile- is important. The movie of Les Mis changed my outlook on life because of the acting. The singing was beautiful, but singing is just a sound.

Performance isn't singing itself.
You can sing IN a performance.
But there's much more to that.

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