DIY Valentines (or any time) gift!

Having trouble picking out a valentine's day gift for your sweetie? Maybe just a friend? Or perhaps  a Christmas gift? Maybe a "Happy Tuesday" gift if you want to love spontaneously! The list goes on and on. This gift is perfect, and can be used for any occasion. And you don't have to spend a penny.

What I did for my boyfriend for Valentine's day is I took a jar, decorated it, and filled it with ideas of dates! Super simple and super sweet! We have trouble figuring out what to do sometimes, and this jar solves that problem. Every couple has things they want to do but they say, "We'll just do that another time." I filled this jar with fun, inexpensive things to do locally that will keep us occupied. You'll never run out of things to do with this jar.

Now here's how you do it.

Step one: Get a clean, medium sized jar from around the house or perhaps your local department store.
Step two: Get any type of paper. (I used scrap paper I had laying around. I used shades of pink, red, and lilac)
Step three: Cut out strips of paper (no specific size) and write out date ideas on them! Then fold them in half, and put it in the jar.
Step four: Decorate the jar however you'd like. It's completely optional. Paper, fabric, lace, markers, and so on. Whatever works for you.

AND YOU'RE DONE. Super simple. 

Now, what to put in the jar. Is there something you and the person receiving this gift want to do? The list goes from a simple night in to an adventurous night on. Be creative with what to do. Here are some ideas:
  • Video game night. Hardcore. 
  • Cook a meal together from scratch.
  • Go to your local park, go on a nature walk, and then have a picnic.
  • Feed the ducks.
  • Barnes n noble & starbucks date.
  • Go out for froyo.
  • See a local concert, theatre performance, sports game, etc.
  • Cuddles and movie marathon.
  • Get in the car and just drive. Let it take you to some random place, use GPS to get home.
  • A typical summer day! Watermelon and swimming.
  • Go to a carnival. Ferris wheel and lemonade.
  • MOVIE NIGHT! Whether it's in the comforts of your own home, a drive-in theater, or the movie theater.
  • Go out with friends/family. Connect with other people.
  • Pick out a monologue/song, work on it together, and then perform for each other.
  • One on one tennis, basketball, etc. Be competitive.
  • Paint all day, make crafts. 
  • Go out to a nice dinner place. You deserve it!
  • Stargaze. Take it all in.
  • Act like children again! Eat food you ate as a child. Go on the playground, the trampoline. Listen to nostalgic music. Bring back the happy child in you.
  • Dedicate a day to philosophical conversations.
  • Be old school and play board games all day. Order some pizza while you're at it.
The list can go on and on. It depends on YOUR relationship with the person. Be creative and make some for yourself! Make them more specific. The more specific it is, the more it means. I hope this was helpful.


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