The way your scent lingers on my skin after we part makes my thoughts wander to a different realm. These thoughts search for an answer. Little do these thoughts know, an answer doesn't exist on this Earth but it exists in you. I live in a world within you and I fell in love with its palm trees and heartbeats. I wonder why. I contemplate this at night when I am alone. Questions. What is a question without an answer? Then I see you, and it all comes back to me: You can search the whole entire planet but you will never find an answer. Nothing is of absolute certainty on Earth. There are no facts, only opinions. You find answers in people and you find answers in the universe. Planets die, people live on. The Earth will perish, the universe is infinite. We are people trying to find our infinity in this universe. To love someone is a taste of heaven. To love someone is to feel eternal. 

Your rainbow smile colors my monochromatic life, conveying every pleasant feeling ever felt in one simple action. You speak of no knowledge, you have a stuttering soul and a dyslexic touch that I can't get enough of. Somehow the two of us formed a magnificent language that only we can understand. A language of every word in the dictionary, a language of silence. On days when I feel melancholy, your tears hydrate me and your laugh serenades me. Two insignificant human beings with anxious, yet curious minds, trying to find meaning. We may be just a drop in the ocean, but even the ocean envies the depth of our love. I feel higher consciousness in your arms, and if I am nothing but a body, at least I found truth inside of this world we built on our own.

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