I / A M / L I L Y

My body may be here. But my heart is inside of him and my soul is in another dimension. My mind died a while ago. I am a terribly real thing in a beautifully false world. I am pure. You can ask me my identity but I'm afraid all I can tell you is, "I am lily." I cannot choose a fixed personality when I can be anything I want to be. I am a star, waiting to go home, where I belong: merely existing in an infinite blackness among other stars.


Rag doll wasting life in the back of a van.
Smoking cigarettes backstage, baby I'm you're biggest fan.

Living in a fairy tale, wearing a scarlet gown.
My prince tells me I'm the prettiest lady in town.

I'm left out, I know nothing at all.
All I do is read indoors and wait on your phone calls.

Working at the office, in a suburb my whole life.
After dinner he gives me a big kiss and says I'm his trophy wife.

I dream of red carpets and flashing lights.
I wanna get out of this place but I'm held back by stage fright.

I'm living in a shell of fear,
so please help me get out of this, my dear.
I want to be everything, I want to be it all.
The demons may hold me back but they'll never see me fall.