Introverted thoughts running through my brain
Observing limpid smiles and words that make me cringe

Flipping through a thesaurus looking for synonyms of yourself
Uncertainty clogs your mind, flush it out with small talk

You sit in the back begging for approval
Feeding off the laughter of acquaintances to mend your paper heart

Eraser marks and scribbles fill a page that isn't even yours
Rip out a new page and make it your own

Your image projects on a whiteboard for everyone to see
I see right through you like a transparency


You kill her softly at the end of every kiss
Purging all your poison
Vanishing into an abyss

Starving for perfection
A living contradiction
Cracks in her reflection
Obsession and addiction

Sleeping pills down her throat
Thoughts of ana fill her mind
Collarbones and suicide notes
She can't leave ana behind


My dreams are the only place you exist
Diamonds round your neck, pearls round your wrist
You're a real fake, a figment of my imagination
Scarlet bows in your hair, pretty as a carnation

Your long red hair and your baby blue eyes
Your rosy red cheeks and your cherry stained lies
Dark magic disappears at the sight of your smile
Blooming in beauty, lily of the nile

Your blood is not pure but you have a garnet soul
Cigarette on your breath, queen of rock n roll
Lovely bones for everyone to see
Making your fantasy my reality

Violet Hearts

Mocha kisses and strolls in the city
You smile at me and tell me I'm pretty
Trapped in a pink dungeon all day
Waiting for my love to take me away

"Love can prevail death," you said that night
You called me your love, your rose, your light
The sound of your cries through the phone
Made me feel like I'm not alone

We fell in love at only sixteen
Violet hearts on a plastic screen
June third was the night
You told me it would be alright

Dancing in your room to born to die
Making love on the fourth of July
Laughing about nothing all night long
Times like that made me strong

Trying to live the American dream
Suburban Ohio is not what it seems
Small town kids trying to get out
Wondering what life is really about

Conversations about music, art, and fashion
Discovering ourselves and our true passion
New york city is where we're meant to be
In a small apartment drinking our morning coffee

Cuddling on the couch while watching our favorite shows
Spending all of our money on clothes
Walks to the library to write poetry together
Lying in the grass enjoying the August weather

Flowers in my hair, lavender on my lips
Five years shared attached at the hip
We were the lucky ones from the start
Our love will always be a work of art

Part time lover, full time friend
I know this will never end
Spending years by your side
The virgin and the ram collide

You promised me this summer you'd show me true love
And that life is beautiful and a gift from above
Drowning in doubt, fighting to stay alive
Three months under the sun with you taught me how to survive