CYBER SUICIDE / Part 1 of 2: Rebirth

About a week ago, I decided to not use any social networking for a full week. Which means no twitter, the main website I use. I deleted my Facebook and tumblr about a year ago, which gave me a permanent sense of freedom and sense of Self. After not having facebook or tumblr for such a long time, it didn't even cross my mind and gave me time to live freely. I deleted twitter for a month and remade in July. So as you see, the Internet and I have gone through a lot. The reason I wanted to eliminate social networking completely for a week, was to see how it would effect me. Sometimes people get so caught up in their Internet lives and keeping up to date with the Internet that they forget about their actual physical lives.

The first day, I realized how mindlessly I use twitter. I think it's a very good resource for inspiration and connecting with others. I consider myself a writer, a thinker, and an introvert, so twitter is a nice, simple way to get my thoughts out there. But sometimes I would just unlock my phone and my fingers would go to where the twitter app used to be whenever I was not doing anything! That's a habit I knew I would break with this experiment. Twitter shouldn't make up your life. As the days went on, I didn't even think about twitter. I don't need it, but I'm not going to deny its a great resource to have.

One huge benefit from this was I did other things a lot. I thought for myself a lot more. On twitter, I see the thoughts and creations of so many other people and I draw inspiration from it but, it takes away my inner self sometimes. I got to read, watch the history channel, expand my knowledge on religion, science, astrology, and the "meaning of life." I even felt less disconnected from my surroundings and a bit happier. All of that was from a week without twitter.

I'm definitely going back on twitter and staying there, because all in all, it didn't have a huge affect on my life because my Internet addiction is long gone, but it helps and I highly recommend it for anyone, whether you use social networking frequently or not. x

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