A Permanent Numbness

I love the feeling you get before you fall asleep because you feel nothing at all. You're numb. You're still aware you're breathing, but you can't feel anything at all. Every sense is no longer needed. It's dark and your eyelids are heavy. You're alone with nothing to touch. No need to taste or smell, there is nothing but dry air. The silence grows quieter by the minute, and as you drift you become deaf. Every feeling, every thought, every memory, is forgotten. In that moment, you are nothing but an object of nothingness. Funny how this mass nothingness transforms into dreams, our own little world where we can get away from reality. It feels so real even though we're numb, spiraling into an even deeper sleep with no control. At the break of dawn when we wake, our senses come alive and we become tired. You can taste every doubt and smell every regret. You can see the light shining through your window, and hear the screeching noise of your alarm. But mostly, you feel. You can feel everything. Our lives are basically just an escape from reality. We don't wanna leave our bed, our numbness, our fake lives of nothingness. It's a never ending circle of rebirth, that ultimately leads to death: a permanent numbness.

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