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Our Minimalistic Garden

Full credit goes to Caitlin Das Design. Check out her beautiful art!

my suitcase heart has failed me once again.

you see,
my cravings were never about geography.
my real appetite has always been for the home that lives within.

Owl Girl

the truth is
you've never been an ocean
not even a small sea

you're a humble little lake
between northwest forest trees

I Fell In Love With Portland! (Photo Diary & Recap)

Oh em GEE! I just got back from Portland and I'm having serious post-vacay depression. While I originally thought it was going to be a casual getaway, I ended up never wanting to leave. 

The Best Vegan Eats In Portland, Oregon

Usually when I do a "vegan eats" post, I'm left with very little options. For example, when highlighting vegan eats at Disneyland or my hometown of Cleveland, I could only name a few things off the top of my head.

Eat Drink Vegan Festival Recap: We Came, We Ate & Drank Vegan, We Conquered! 🍻🍃🍕

Hello friends, enemies and non-biased readers!
On Saturday, May 27th, I got the chance to attend "Eat Drink Vegan," a vegan food and beer festival in Pasadena, California.